What are MyOperator Helpline Numbers?

            MyOperator helpline numbers are to help NGOs attend and manage multiple emergency calls at one time.

            Some of the benefits of these helpline numbers are:
            1. Instant activation: It runs on cloud-based infrastructure and hence, does not require any hardware or software installations. Therefore, these numbers are activated instantly.
            2. 24*7 availability: It helps you stay connected 24*7 with all the callers during emergency. 
            3. Monitoring and tracking: A complete database of all your missed and connected calls is available at one place. Also, all these calls are tracked which in turn ensures that you do not miss any call. However, if one of your agents miss a call due to some reason then, they can instantly follow up with that missed call.

            Updated: 09 May 2019 09:04 PM
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