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            Where can I export my Logs and itemized billing?

            To know how to export your logs. Please refer to What is the procedure to export filtered logs?

            To export itemized billing, follow the below mentioned steps-

            1. Login to your MyOperator panel and click on “Manage” at the top.

            2. Go to Accounts section and click on “billing”.

            3. Click on “Monthly Statements” on your left.

            4. Now select the cycle and click on the “Export”.

            5. Now Enter any mail id where you need to export the select the cycle and click on the “Send me at mail”.

            You would be getting an email with download URL of the exported logs.
            Please note that For logs
            Different columns in exported logs are: 
            1. UID: Unique identification number for every log
            2. Event: Incoming or Outgoing
            3. Type: Call or SMS
            4. Status: Connected, missed or voicemail
            5. From: Caller's number
            6. Name: Caller's name- if saved in contact list
            7. Country: Country of caller
            8. State: State of caller- if detected
            9. Duration of call: in seconds
            10. Time: Timestamp of the call- in your timezone
            11. User detail: Names of users in MyOperator who were attempted on the call (with status in brackets)
            12. Department(if any): Name of the department to which the call was routed
            13. Log source: IVR or mobile
            14. Star marked: Whether the log was marked as important on Logs section of MyOperator app
            15. Text if SMS: SMS content
            16. Any note: Notes added by any user attached to this particular log
            17. Billable: 1 for Yes, 0 for No (Yes could also mean consumption of your free minutes)
            18. Pulse: Number of units consumed for this log
            19. Leg B rate: Additional charges for the call-if any (international calling and forwarding charges, call forwarding charges to agents in specific countries if specified as additional charges)
            20. Leg B minutes: Number of Leg B units consumed

            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 07:55 PM
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