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            What is Zoho PhoneBridge? How do I integrate MyOperator with Zoho CRM via Zoho PhoneBridge?

            Zoho Sales CRM is the end-to-end customer engagement suite with all the sales, marketing, and support apps your customer-facing teams need to engage across every touchpoint. MyOperator PhoneBridge connector empowers users to provide a seamless customer experience and determine the best course of action through personalized contextual interactions via Zoho Sales CRM.

            You need to get your MyOperator service number activated for Zoho PhoneBridge connection. Kindly drop an email to your account manager or 

            Please note that for this integration all users/agents need to have the same mobile number on both MyOperator panel and Zoho Sales CRM.

            Once your MyOperator service number is activated for PhoneBridge connection, then every user on MyOperator panel has to activate his/her personal account for PhoneBridge connection:

            1. Go to "Manage" on the top menu.

            2. Click on "API integrations"
            (If you are not able to access API integrations, ask super admin of your MyOperator account to grant access to this section for "Basic" users)

            3. On the integrations page, click on "Activate" button in the Zoho PhoneBridge section.

            4. You would be redirected to Zoho's website for further steps, make sure you allow the pop-up to open.

              5. If you are not logged in Zoho CRM, it will request you to Login

            6. Once you are logged in, it will prompt you for an access permission. Click on "Accept" to complete integration

            7. Your integration is complete. If are receiving an error at any step, kindly make sure that the user has the same number registered on both MyOperator and Zoho CRM. Also, confirm that you MyOperator service number is activated for PhoneBridge integration by dropping a mail to

            Updated: 13 May 2019 09:29 PM
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