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            What is Salezshark CRM? How do I integrate MyOperator with Salezshark?

            Salezshark is a sales intelligence CRM that helps professionals and marketers to gather actionable customer insights and increase their sales.

            MyOperator - Salezshark integration helps in:
            1. Salezshark users to initiate outgoing calls (click-to-call) from the Salezshark CRM
            2. Salezshark admins can add users to MyOperator accounts through Salezshark CRM
            3. View call logs of individual users inside Salezshark CRM

            To integrate MyOperator with Salezshark, Superadmin of MyOperator account needs to generate an API token on MyOperator web panel

            Click on "API integration" section on "Manage" page

            It will lead you to "Public API" section. Click on "generate token" and "Save" the changes. Make sure the status is marked as activated. Copy this token from here

            Locate the MyOperator integration under "Telephony SetUp Details" in Salezshark CRM integrations section

            Click on Manage and add token in the space provided

            You can add users from the "Add User" button on the MyOperator Setup details page itself

            Updated: 13 May 2019 09:17 PM
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