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            What is Remarketing ?

            Companies have innumerable ways to reach out to their target audience. Marketing practices such as advertisements or hanging billboards may interest people and they might try to get in touch with you out of curiosity.

            Remarketing helps you to reach back to those leads who showed interest some time back in the past. With such a technique you can influence the behavior of the customers. This technique is sometimes known as behavioral retargeting. You can modify your offers accordingly and then retarget them.

            Remarketing works when:
            1. Your product has high value: Marketing in itself involves a lot of cost. Remarketing, therefore, is not an easy process and it too involve expenses. Thus, if your product is inexpensive or the profit margin is thin/less, then such kind of a strategy works best.
            2. Your product has a long-term horizon: Remarketing is all about re-displaying your advertisements, altering them according the audience preferences. Therefore, if your product has a long-term advantage to benefit your customers and forces the prospective leads to rethink and reconsider your product, then Remarketing is definitely a great decision.
            MyOperator App is your Remarketing database app which helps you to create a database of the callers, after you have successfully marketed your product. 
            Updated: 09 May 2019 09:02 PM
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