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            What is defined by “minimum balance”, “minimum topup” and "credit limit"?

            What is Credit limit?

            A credit limit is the maximum credit amount any MyOperator account can go. This is a way of showing trust to our customers where they account will continue to function even after being out of balance for certain more time. If you are having a MyOperator account you can check the credit limit from
            Your account might not be assigned a credit limit initially but once you have a constant usage and timely payment for sometime system add credit limit and keep on increasing same. Credit limit, sometimes, is even reduced in the case of non-timely payments.

            PS: Credit limit is an extreme end and hence account will be temporarily suspended once it reaches its credit limit. Hence it is advisable for all to recharge enough when your account balance is close to the credit limit.

            Minimum balance:

            When your account balance goes below this level you will be alerted via email and SMS. For accounts having auto-debit enabled, an amount would be debited to recharge your MyOperator account. This is an attempt to avoid your account getting temporary suspended due to credit limit exhaustion. You can set minimum balance on the MyOperator panel from

            PS: Customers are advised to maintain a balance for at least next 10 days in the account to avoid reaching credit limit in any case.

            Minimum Top-up:

            It’s the minimum amount debited from the auto-debit set up in case the account balance falls below the minimum balance.

            How do I stop getting low balance emails? / Getting too many low balance emails?

            Low balance emails are the mechanism of our system to tell you that your account is going towards credit limit. The credit limit is like a red line and we never want our customers to cross same & for the same system notify customers, once a day about the account being low on balance. If you think you are getting too many emails you can adjust the minimum balance from the MyOperator panel. But we strongly recommend you to keep enough balance for smooth usage for at least the next 10 days and not rely on last day payments.

            1. To veiw/edit these values, click on “Manage” at the top after login to your MyOperator account

            2. Click on Billing in Accounts Section

            3. In payment section you can find all the three values along with your due payments.

            Updated: 02 May 2019 08:31 PM
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