What are the benefits?

            MyOperator Gold Plan comes with multiple cost and service benefits for businesses:

            Cost Benefits:
            1. Zero rental and hence you save on your rental for lifetime
            2. You save on rental, hence saving on tax on the rentals too
            3. If you terminate your service anytime, you get full money refunded. Hence, you will have used the services for free.

            Service Benefits:
            1. Credit limit of Rs. 50,000 hence no monthly bill payment. Bills can be payed in upto 6 months.
            2. You become premium customer over thousands of customers.

            Advanced Cost Calculation

            Your lifetime deposit can be calculated as (Rental)/18 % i.e. (36,000/18) % = Rs. 2,00,000
            Assume, if you put this amount in bank you will get some interest over it. But virtually we are providing you benefit of 18% (i.e. 18% of Rs. 2,00,000 is Rs. 36,000) and this is much more than any bank.
            Additionally we are also saving you on 18% GST (Goods & Services Tax) as this is a refundable security deposit.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 09:24 PM
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