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            What are follow ups? How to make best use of it?

            For most of our pitch to customer we highlight use of MyOperator as “Never miss customer calls” but in reality we are seeing this far from being achieved. We understand there are lot of external factors each business have that causes calls to be missed. Hence we should focus on even the aspect of what happens once call get missed i.e. Is there a proper followup one by Users? So now, if we can make MyOperator a tool which not only ensure calls less calls getting missed but also ensure a proper followup on missed calls.

            Followup will be a task management module on MyOperator which would help users automate, manage tasks related to customer follow up. Businesses would be able to automate tasks process by creating rules for addition or removal of tasks. Eg: Default rule to create a task whenever a call is missed on IVR and is assigned to the department where the call is missed. Another rule to remove once callback is made via IVR or mobile.

            Followup would primarily ensure proper followup with businesses on their customers call and a report around it. But we should understand that each business requirement is different and hence we should allow flexibility of rules creation letting business design the process as their business need.

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 12:27 PM
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