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            TDS deduction and refund process

            MyOperator is being used by a large number of customers across the globe. Hence to serve them better and faster, the billing and invoicing is done through the automated payments system. A large number of our customers are using the auto pay scheme as a faster payment method where the payment is debited directly from their credit/debit card or bank accounts.
            The automated invoicing system generates the invoice for the amount paid or deducted, immediately. As there is no intervention into the automated payments process, we request our customers to pay the full amount and TDS deduction can be refunded once TDS certificate is provided.

            How do I deduct TDS for the payments?

            There can be no intervention into the automated billing process, hence our customers are requested to pay the full amount while making the payment to get an invoice of full payment and TDS deduction can be refunded once TDS certificate is provided.

            What is the refund process?

            1. A refund must be requested via link
            2. You will receive a confirmation mail with a copy of response submitted.
            3. The finance team would take a maximum of 3 working days to verify and accept (or reject) the request.
            4. The customer will receive the refunds into their bank account within a maximum of ten working day from the point of confirmation.
            NOTE: TDS deduction and refund process is only applicable for Indian services billed by VoiceTree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. invoiced in Indian Rupees.

            Frequently asked questions

            What can be the possible reason for the rejections?

            • Incorrect/invalid customer bank account number
            • An invalid certificate is provided.
            • Refund was already claimed earlier.
            • Refund adjusted with your previous outstanding balance due.

            Will I be notified for the rejection of refund?

            Yes, you will be notified over the mail about the acceptance or rejection of the refund request.

            When can I claim the refund?

            The refund can be claimed once the customer has successfully deposited the TDS to govt and provide TDS certificates to MyOperator.
            TDS certificates for the previous financial year will not be accepted if sent after May 31st of the current financial year. For example, all certificates for fiscal year 2018 should be sent no later than May 31st, 2019.

            Updated: 02 May 2019 09:05 PM
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