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            Reduction in Remarketing Pricing, effective 17th July 2017

            Current Remarketing Pricing:
            1. 1 Re per subscriber is charged per month, irrespective of whether or not you send an SMS campaign
            2. You could send only 1 SMS per 7 days to each subscriber.

            New Remarketing Pricing:
            1. 20 paise per subscriber (exclusive of taxes) will be charged for each SMS campaign. An additional 20 paise will be charged to inform the customer that he/ she has been subscribed. Therefore, with the new pricing method you will now have to pay only as per your usage i.e. if you do not send a subscriber an SMS, you will not be charged.
            2. You can send each subscriber an SMS on alternate days i.e. if you send an SMS to a subscriber on the 7th, you can send the same subscriber another SMS on the 9th.
            3. If you do not send a subscriber an SMS campaign for 89 days then the subscriber will automatically get unsubscribed on the 89th day. No subscription SMS will be sent to them.
            Updated: 13 May 2019 10:10 PM
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