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            Know your low balance mail alert:

            1. Myoperator billing name
            2. MyOperator business number
            3. Total amount due/ Top up amount
            4. Minimum account balance (When your account balance goes below this level while using extra features and resources not covered by your MyOperator plan)
            5. Recharge link
            6. Your credit limit (When your outstanding usage exceeds your credit limit, your service will be suspended, till you clear all your dues)
            7. Statistic for the given time period
            8. Current usage
            9. Outstanding usage till last billing cycle
            10. Prepaid amount       
            11. Total usage balance
            12. Minimum account balance for using extra features
            13. Other outstanding charges
            14. Top-up value or minimum amount due + minimum balance amount
            15. Link for recharge
            16. Click here for FAQ in this regard
            17. MyOperator contact details
            Note: Click here to know more about credit limit, minimum balance etc.

            Updated: 07 May 2019 09:30 PM
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