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            How can I use Remarketing for my business?

            When you use a MyOperator virtual / tollfree number for your business, it not only helps you to manage your business calls 24*7 but auto-subscribes the callers. These subscribers are further segregated into subscription lists based on the call attributes. Thus, you can use these lists to reconnect through:

            1. SMS Remarketing: MyOperator allows you to reach back to your callers using SMS. You can create personalized SMS Campaigns and shoot promotional texts in bulk to your callers.

            2. Facebook Remarketing: With the subscription lists on MyOperator, it allows you to integrate with Facebook Ads Manager which converts your subscription lists into Facebook Audience. This helps you to connect with your callers digitally on Facebook. You can create Facebook Ad Campaigns based on the lists using your Facebook Ads Manager.

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            Updated: 09 May 2019 09:00 PM
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