How can I request a professional voice artist to record messages for my IVR?

            1. Login to your MyOperator panel & click on “Manage” at the top.

            2. In the settings section click on “Design Callflow”.

            3. Click on “Create new call flow”

            4. Enter all the details and Click “Save to Preview”

            5. Click the link “Do you want to record messages from voice artist?”

            6. You can have a panel of Voice Artist consisting a list with voice modulation option.

            7. Select the language first.

            8. You can also play and hear the sample audio.

            9. Select the option you want and click on “Review and send”

            10. You can also send a customized message with special requests to the voice artist and click “Confirm”.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 02:18 PM
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