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            How can I add users to the departments? How to define the call routing method for those users?

            1. Login to your MyOperator panel and click on “Manage” at the top.

            2. In the settings section click on “Departments”.

            3. Click on Add New to add new departments and add user under Departments or Click Edit departments to add Users.

            4. Enter the name of the department if create new department or just Assign manager from the dropdown for the department and Add users from the dropdown for this department. (You can find all added managers & users in the dropdown). You can also remove the manager or user from the list by clicking the small ‘x’ beside the manager or user.

            5. To view/update the call routing method click on "show" next to Department setting for call flow.

            Sticky agent: Call connects to the same agent/user who the customer connected with on their previous call.
            Ringing time: length of time till which the user would be ringed before dialing other users or going to voicemail.

            You can also change the Serial order by drag and drop, in which the users would be called in serial wise routing method.

            6. Click on "Save" to update the changes

            Updated: 04 Feb 2019 04:38 PM
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