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            Compare editions: MyOperator Lite, MyOperator Desk and MyOperator Prime

            MyOperator Desk and MyOperator Lite are different editions of MyOperator designed for different business categories and usages. MyOperator Lite is designed to be used as virtual EPABX system with day to day office call management and hence the light volume of calls. MyOperator Desk is designed to be used for a small call center or helpdesk kind of setup. MyOperator Prime is designed for mid and large sized organisations, handling large volume of calls and access to customized reporting, offline agreement etc. 

            MyOperator Lite is designed for low volume usage where simultaneous calls are limited but MyOperator Desk/Prime comes with capabilities to handle any volume of calls at the same time.

            Virtual numberYYY
            Toll free optionYYY
            Call routingYYY
            Parallel diallingYY
            Advance diallingY
            Call recordingYYY
            Call forwardingYYY
            After office handlingYAdvanceAdvance
            Weekend IVRYAdvanceAdvance
            Holiday mappingYY
            Callers inputY
            Location based IVRYY
            Contact based IVRYY
            Time based IVRYY
            Music on holdYY
            Sticky agentYY
            Sticky agent advanceY
            Call queueY
            Live call transferYYY
            Live call info widgetYY
            Online call hangupYY
            Online call transferYY
            After call SMSYYY
            After call SMS advanceYY
            Admin panelYYY
            User panelYY
            Fine grade permissionY
            Contact managementYY
            After call webhookYY
            In call webhookY
            CRM IntegrationYY
            Zapier IntegrationYY
            Chrome extensionYY
            Outbound DialYY
            Click to callYY
            Number port inYYY
            Number port outYYY
            Online IVR designing (Simple)YYY
            Online IVR designing (Advance)YY
            Daily dashboardYYY
            Access call logsYYY
            Access detail logsYYY
            Call filtersYYY
            Call notesYY
            Mobile log trackingYY
            Click to Call/Outgoing callsYY
            Remarketing on SMSYY
            Remarketing on FacebookYY
            Daily email reportYYY
            Daily SMS reportYYY
            Call reportYYY
            Lost calls reportYY
            Basic performance reportYY
            Advance performance reportY
            Realtime reportingY
            24X7 SupportYYY
            Account manager Lv1Y
            Account manager Lv2Y
            Custom agreement & SLAY
            Knowledgebase accessYYY
            Online trainingYYY
            Offline training* (Chargeable)Y

            Updated: 25 Apr 2019 08:46 PM
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