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            Can I create a filters based on time?

            ans: Yes, you can definitely create filters based on time. Do this:

            1. Go to “Logs> A page opens. Under the “Initiate” section, click on “Advance

            2. After you have clicked on “Advance”, there appears three things: Keywords, Date and Time.

            3. Under the “Time” section, mention the “start” and “end” time (Click on the “Clock Icon” and select “Done” > The filtered list appears on the right.

            Simultaneously, if you want to save the list you have created, click on “Save list> The list would be saved for future usage and will appear under the “Filter List” section.

            Similarly, you can create separate lists based on specific dates and keywords.


            Updated: 03 Aug 2017 07:37 PM
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