After call SMS billing

            MyOperator Lite editions

            Type of SMS
            One way SMS
            After call SMS notification either to caller or to user
            INR 200 per channel line per month
            Two way SMS
            After call SMS notification to both caller and user simultaneously
            INR 400 per channel line per month

            1. If Two way SMS is enabled for any given time length, the account would incur the full two way SMS rental charges for that particular month.
            2. There is only fixed rental based charge for Lite editions, no per SMS charges are charged additionally

            Example of channel line billing: Accounts using Lite 2C plan, would be charged INR 400 for one way SMS, INR 800 for two way SMS

            MyOperator Desk and MyOperator Prime editions

            After call SMS, both basic and/or custom version is charged on per SMS basis (INR 0.30 per SMS)In a custom SMS rule, if the same SMS notification is sent to two different users or mobile numbers, it would be counted as two.Refer SMS length calculation to avoid any unnecessary charges

            Please note that this feature is currently available for Indian Tollfree and Mobile number services only.

            Updated: 19 May 2019 04:21 PM
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