Credit Limit

Credit limit is the excess of usage we allow onto MyOperator system. It is also a gesture of trust by us on our accounts. Credit limit for MyOperator accounts are generated by the system based on lot of parameters. 

Your credit limit is set by keeping aside 10% of the received amount as default amount. You have been allotted this credit limit so that you do not have to pay for everything immediately. This ensures that your account doesn’t get deactivated, abruptly.

Additionally, you will receive a credit limit mail on your registered email id after you have consumed 80% of your free minutes for the current month.

Your credit limit increases with:

  • Timely payment of bills

  • Timely renewals

  • Depositing advance amount

Your credit limit decreases with:

  • Late bill payments

  • Late renewals

  • Paying after the credit limit is crossed

If you have multiple accounts, the credit limit of one account will not affect the credit limit of the other account. Each account is treated as a separate account. However, if you have not paid your dues for one account for a long time, it’ll impact your other account(s) adversely. 

Different terms used in the Credit Limit Mail


Outstanding Amount: The amount (in Rupees) that you need to pay for any pending bill, inclusive of taxes. 

Prepaid Amount: The amount (in Rupees) that you have already paid in advance.

Current Usages: The amount for total current usages that you have already consumed for the current month.

Available Features: Credit limit is calculated only on the basis of call usage (incoming and click to call).

Exceeded Features: The feature name(s) for which you have crossed your free/ prepaid usage for the current month.

Credit Limit: Total credit limit offered to an account.

Total Outstanding Amount: The amount that is calculated after subtracting the sum of your free minutes and Prepaid Amount from the sum of your Current usage and Outstanding amount.

What are advance payments?

You are required to pay a certain amount in advance which is different from the amount that you pay for your plan. This is to ensure that in case you exceed your usage for the current month, you do not have to pay immediately. The unused amount of the advanced payment is carried forward and is adjusted in your next bill. Service tax is deducted from your advance payment and you’ll receive an invoice for the same.

Available methods of payments

The different methods of payments available are:

  • Payment via your credit card, debit card, net banking or cheque.

  • ECS (NACH) for recurring payments. 

Note: i) We do not accept payments in cash.

         ii) Taxes are included only for outstanding payments.