Pipedrive is a CRM software that helps businesses manage their sales activities to generate revenue. 

When you integrate MyOperator with Pipedrive, you will get to know the status (missed, connected and voicemail), start time, duration and recordings of all your calls.

In the Pipedrive CRM, only “Incoming calls” are added as “Deals”. However, to create and map these deals, all the users that are mapped into the IVR should be available in the Pipedrive CRM. Also, the same email id should be used both, in the MyOperator panel and in the Pipedrive CRM. If these deals already exist then, all “Incoming and outgoing” calls are added as an “Activity” in the Pipedrive CRM.


  • No deal will be added if it is already added, dead or closed. 

  • The calls which get disconnected before it lands on a department or user will not be considered as leads.

  • Mobile call data will be added as an activity in the Pipedrive CRM for the leads that already exist in the Pipedrive CRM.