An Assign contact enhances your customers’ experience as it enables a more personal and effective communication between the assigned agent and the caller. 

The benefits of an assign contact are:

  • Personalisation: An Assign contact ensures a one to one connect with your customers as every caller has a separate Account manager assigned solely to him/ her. This thereby, helps in establishing a personal connect as all their queries and suggestions are handled only by the assigned agent. Using this feature thus, ensures that all your callers get special attention and feel more connected to your company which in turn helps in increasing brand loyalty and word of mouth publicity. 

  • Non repetitive: At times, the same customer calls more than once. In such a case he/ she has to explain the same problems again and again as the call is answered by different agents. This annoys the customer and they will not want to deal with you again in the future. The Assign contact feature however resolves this problem. Whenever, a customer calls more than once he/ she is not required to explain the same problem again as only the assigned manager answers the call. This thereby, helps in quick resolutions.

  • Time saving: Customers do not like waiting and want their queries to be heard to instantly. An Assign contact helps fulfil this requirement. Since, every contact has an Account manager assigned to him/ her the entire IVR menu press 1 for sales and 2 for support etc is skipped. The call is directly transferred to the assigned Account manager. The caller therefore, does not need to choose any option from the IVR menu and wait for his call to get transferred . Also, he does not need to explain his problem to different agents. This in turn saves time and improves your customers' experience.