The following process explains how an OBD works:

  1. A contact list consisting of your customers’ numbers is queued through the API.

  2. Outbound calls are generated to each customer as per the availability of channel lines and agents responsible to receive calls.

  3. Each customer is then directed to your business’s IVR that is created separately to only receive outbound calls.

  4. The call is then forwarded to an agent in your organization.


  • If the customer or agent does not answer the call, then the OBD will generate another call to the same customer/ agent after 3 minutes. However, this retry time is configurable.

  • A maximum of only 2 retries are possible. However, clients can opt out for retries.

  • If a phone number of a customer is under process (either in retry or requeue) then, you cannot add it into the queue.