1. Standard terms applicable to Service Levels are outlined herein

a. Definitions

i. “Client” means any paid subscriber to MyOperator service.

ii. “MyOperator” herein refers to the entity, VoiceTree Technologies Private Limited a company registered under the
companies Act, 1956 and having its corporate office at 1 st Floor, 35 Ramkumar Marg, New Delhi - 110055.

iii. “Customer Support” means services by which MyOperator will provide assistance to its Clients to resolve any
issue pertaining to their services.

iv. “Service” refers to MyOperator services as given on website www.myoperator.co

v.“Incident” means any set of events or circumstances resulting in failure to meet the defined service level.

b. SLA – General Terms and Conditions

i. MyOperator provides this SLA subject to the following terms. These terms would be fixed for the duration of
initial subscription of service. If the subscription is renewed, the SLA which would be prevalent at that time would
be applicable for the renewal period.

ii. MyOperator will determine the severity of any defect reported by the Client according to the priorities as
defined by the MyOperator under the section, “Definitions of Incident Reported”.

iii. For each level of incident reported, MyOperator has defined a set of “Response and Resolution times” which
MyOperator would try to adhere to in best of the circumstances.

iv. If the incidents are not resolved within appropriate time as promised by the MyOperator, the Client can
escalate his / her complaint in accordance with the “Escalation Matrix” as outlined subsequently.

v. The points not covered in here will be governed by MyOperator’s General Terms and conditions, privacy policy,
Terms of service or other policies which will prevail from time to time.

c. SLA Exclusion

The SLA and any Applicable Service Levels do not apply to any performance or availability issues listed below-

i. Attributable to the acts or omissions of Client or Client’s employees, agents, contractors, or vendors,
or anyone gaining access to MyOperator’s Service by means of Client’s passwords or equipment.

ii. That resulted from third party’s hardware or software.

iii. MyOperator does not control the uptime of the following third parties and any damage caused in this regard to the end Client would not attract penalties-

a) Telecom Service Providers, whose infrastructure is used by MyOperator to provide services to its end Clients,
b) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whose data services are used by MyOperator to provide services to the end Client.

iv. Due to factors outside the control of MyOperator.

v. to any services other than the service outlined in this SLA and, shall not apply to performance issues, which
is (i) caused by factors outside of First Party’s reasonable control (force majeure events); or (ii) that has resulted from
any actions or acts of omission of Client.

2. Customer Support Channels

Any Incident shall have to be registered through one of the channels



Registration via email can be done by sending an email to:support@myoperator.co
Registration via phone: Registration via phone can be done by calling the helpdesk number at +91 92129 92129.

3. Definition of Incident Reported

Severity 1 – “Normal”

∙Errors or requests those are on business operations, e.g. Reconciliations, Logs etc.

Severity 2 – “Minimal”

∙Errors those are generally non-disabling or cosmetic e.g. Service is not accessible to a particular subscriber,

Severity 3 – “Severe”

∙Errors that keep major functions from being performed but work around available e.g., Access to the server is
slow; Time delay in response, Server accepts requests but not responding within acceptable time duration etc.

Severity 4 – “Fatal”

∙Errors that prevent useful work from being completed e.g. Server inaccessible.

4. Response and Resolution Times

The response times for each of the levels of incidents reported is hereby outlined below:


Acknowledgement Time Resolution Time (Business Hours)

Work Around Time Permanent Fix Time
Severity 1 8 Hours 24 Hours 96 Hours
Severity 2 4 Hours 16 Hours 72 Hours
Severity 3 3 Hours 8 Hours 48 Hours
Severity 4 2 Hours 4 Hours 24 Hours

Severity 1 - Respond within 8 business hours to acknowledge problem. Target resolution time or work around time
would be 24 business hours from the time of response.

 Severity 2 - Respond within 4 business hours to acknowledge problem. Target resolution time or work around time
would be 16 business hours from the time of response.

Severity 3 - Respond within 3 business hours to acknowledge the problem. Target resolution or workaround
time would be 8 business hours from the time of response.

Severity 4 -Respond within 2 business hours to acknowledge and understand the Incident.
Technical Support will work on the incident continuously until resolution. Periodic status updates will be communicated
to the Client by phone / email. Target resolution or workaround time would be 4 business hours from the time of

5. Uptime for the service

i. MyOperator guarantees 99% uptime for its service.

ii. The uptime can be measured through following mechanism:

▪Services will run self-test every 20 minutes in an hour making it 72 times in day. Every self-test failing will be
regarding as 1 incident.

▪MyOperator guarantees less than 20 failures in a month for 99% uptime

▪This will exclude scheduled downtime for maintenance and upgrades.

▪The scheduled downtime will not be more than 2 times in 2 weeks with duration of 2 hours per downtime.

▪Scheduled downtime will be planned during the non-working hours. The Client will be informed of the downtime
in advance.

Monthly Penalties:

▪For 0-20 incidents/Month – Zero Penalty

▪For 21-40 incidents/Month – 5% of the Monthly Rental will be refunded

▪For 41-200 incidents/Month – 10% of the Monthly Rental will be refunded

▪For 201- 600 incidents/Month – 50% of the Monthly Rental will be refunded

▪For >601 incidents/Month – 100% of the Monthly Rental will be refunded

6. Escalation

MyOperator will internally escalate all incidents that are not resolved by the response and resolution times listed
above. Client may request escalation of incidents that have not been resolved within the outlined
response and resolution times by contacting support directly by phone / email.

The escalation matrix is as follows:



Contact info

Help Desk

Contact: (+91 92129 92129) 

Email: support@myoperator.co

Level 1

Account Manager

Will be allocated at the time of Activation of Services

Level 2

Escalation Team

Contact: (+91 9711636010)
Email: escalation@myoperator.co

Level 3

Ankit Kapoor

Contact: (+91 97116 98838) 

Email: (ankit.kapoor@myoperator.co)