Follow ups are a way to get in touch with those customers, whose call or text you missed in the past. As an organization, follow ups are important because it conveys to your customer that they are important. Statistically, it is observed that 65% of the customers imbibe a negative impression about the company when they do not experience any follow ups. No customers will stay with you, if you leave them alone during difficult situations [1]. Follow ups thus, help in increasing customer experience and creates a good brand imagine for your business.

MyOperator mobile app has an option wherein you can set reminders for those calls that were missed by you or anyone in your team and needs a follow up.

To follow up via the mobile app, just do this:

1. Login with your MyOperator panel credentials.


2. Click on "Menu".


 3. Click on “Logs”.


4. Long press on a number and select “Snooze”.


5. Select one of the options which include : “Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week or Pick date”.


6. Add notes and set the date and time to follow up.


7. Click on “Ok”.