Oops! We apologise for the issues if you have encountered, so far.


Downtime is quite rare and totally depends on the telecom operators. Such issues are quite common among the telecom business operators there is always an early resolution to this. Such issues at the operator’s end equally cause loss to our business as well, which means affecting your business eventually hampers our business as well and we don’t want that happen.


Services that we provide has an uptime of 99%  but with telecom issues coming in the uptime is usually 97%.


The issue is caused due to two reasons (which also affect our business):


  1. Server fault

  2. Fiber cut


And the following problems arise:

  1. Outgoing through the operator : When there are problems in the outgoing calls through one operator, we route the calls via some other operators and is resolved within a minute’s time

  1. Incoming through the operator : We are helpless about this as our server doesn’t receive calls, thus we are unable to achieve any kind of resolution for this.


All the above-mentioned issues are quite rare and are dealt very strongly. But don’t worry, we are there for you 24x7.