The reason we built MyOperator was to make communication trackable as this ensures that no business opportunity is lost. There are many other providers in the market that offer a call management system, an IVR, toll free and virtual numbers etc. We, however are different from them because in addition to the various commonly known features, we offer three exclusive features which are:

  1. Live call transfer- Calls get transferred from one department to another without the call getting disconnected. This thereby helps in enhancing customer experience as customers no longer have to wait to get connected to the right agent/ department.

  1. Mobile tracking- MyOperator is India’s first end to end tracking call management system. It helps monitor and track every team member's calls even when you’re not in office. This in turn helps in team accountability and follow ups. Hence, it ensures that no business deal is lost.

  1. Remarketing- MyOperator offers remarketing feature to reach back to your callers via smses and facebook integration, based on their call attributes. Statistically, it is observed that 70% of business comes from existing customers. Remarketing helps in retargeting existing customers who showed interest in your website or product earlier. It is an effective strategy to retain and engage previous customers as it increases brand loyalty and recognisability.

These additional features add value to a call management system as it allows businesses better their customers’ experience.