Below are some of the industries that ideally should have a call management system .

  1. Real estate - A person who really wants to purchase a house will call your real estate agent. Given this, you cannot afford to miss any call. Therefore, a call management system is very important for your business as it ensures that you do not miss out on any potential client. Read more

  1. Tours and travels - Your business is likely to get a lot of traffic from people who browse your site and call when interested. The value of a call is very high for you. Therefore, you need to manage and track all your business’s calls to ensure you do not lose any potential customer. MyOperator, a call management system is vital to fulfil these requirements. Read more

  1. Food and hospitality - Nowadays, people can get food from their favourite restaurants just through a phone call. Your restaurant’s reputation therefore, depends on your customers feedback. Missing your business calls is equivalent to keeping your customers unhappy. Hence, it is very essential for your business to have a call management system that tracks and records all your customer calls . Read more

  1. Educational sector - Your business can get a phone call any time, even after working hours. It could be related to student’s queries, admission procedures or the fees structure. Missing calls therefore, isn’t an option if you want to survive the intense competition you face. The best solution for you is a call management system. It will not only provide a complete database of every student’s information but also will track and record calls simultaneously. Read more

  1. Healthcare - A person may fall ill or have an injury any time therefore, you cannot afford to miss any appointment call as it’s your responsibility to cater to the needs of your patients. A call management solution with an IVR is ideal for you as this helps extend the reach of your hospital 24*7. Further, you will not miss any appointment calls which in turn will ensure that your hospital functions efficiently. Read more

  1. NGO -  You work for the social well being of the entire society. Just like other businesses, your NGO is a helping hand towards building a better society. You therefore, know how important a phone call is and hence you cannot afford to miss any. Therefore, the ideal solution for you is to have a call management system that keeps a track of all your calls. Read more

This does not imply that only these industries need a call management system. A call management system isn’t industry specific. Every industry needs one, in order to manage, track and record customer calls to ensure no business opportunity is lost.