To host a call centre on MyOperator, you have to do the following:

  1. Choose a MyOperator number (toll free or non-toll free). A toll free number is free of cost for the caller. Whereas, a non toll free number is like your mobile phone number wherein your callers have to pay a certain cost for every call that they make.

  1. Configure your IVR to ensure your callers receive a timely response and a better call experience. This is useful when your call centre runs at different shifts.

  1. Add users (they could be normal users or pro users). These users would be responsible for receiving any kind of calls that comes through your business phone system.

  1. Provide each user with a distinct extension number to distribute calls within your organisation without any manual effort.

  1. Create skill/ requirement based departments and assign users to it. This will help you resolve your callers’ queries instantly.