To view Reports, click on the reports icon on the top.

This is your Reports platform, where you can view the analytical reports of your incoming and outgoing business calls.

These calls can be segmented Day-wise, Week-wise, Month-wise and Quarter-wise. The segments can further be filtered on the basis of durations like Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly. Also, the Monthly filter can only be used when the duration for which logs are being viewed, is more than a Month.

In case you have multiple departments, groups and users added on your MyOperator Web App, you can view its reports under the “All Company Data” tab on the left-top, here. You can view reports, Group-wise, User-wise and Department-wise.

Here you can see these are the incoming calls. These calls are further divided into Connected and Missed calls on IVR and Mobile.The data of these calls are represented in a pie chart and a line graph.

The outgoing calls are similarly segmented and represented in the same manner.

Mobile reports can only be viewed if you’ve
installed the mobile app and have synced with the MyOperator Web App of a particular company.