MyOperator Gold Plan comes with multiple cost and service benefits for businesses:

Cost Benefits:

  • Zero rental and hence you save on your rental for lifetime

  • You save on rental, hence saving on tax on the rentals too

  • If you terminate your service anytime, you get full money refunded. Hence, you will have used the services for free.

Service Benefits:

  • Credit limit of Rs. 50,000 hence no monthly bill payment. Bills can be payed in upto 6 months.

  • You become premium customer over thousands of customers.

Advanced Cost Calculation

Your lifetime deposit can be calculated as (Rental)/18 % i.e. (36,000/18) % = Rs. 2,00,000

Assume, if you put this amount in bank you will get some interest over it. But virtually we are providing you benefit of 18% (i.e. 18% of Rs. 2,00,000 is Rs. 36,000) and this is much more than any bank.

Additionally we are also saving you on 14.5% Service Tax as this is a refundable security deposit.

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