ans : Reports are a way of analysing and measuring the growth of an organization. MyOperator allows its users to subscribe for reports on Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly basis which further can be filtered according to need of the organization.

But, sometimes there are chances of not getting the reports. Therefore, you as a user are advised to look for the following cases:

  1. Correct Mail ID or Phone number : Yes! you can receive reports both on your phone number or email id. But if you aren’t receiving the reports you have subscribed for, then please ensure that the number or the mail id that you have mentioned is correct. Rechecking the details once can help you generate your reports faster.

  1. Have you checked your spam? : If you have subscribed for reports and have opted to receive them via emails and aren’t receiving such reports, then do this: Please check the spam of your mail id so that you don’t miss your reports because there are possibilities that you might receive such reports in your spam.

  1. Did you mention a foreign number? : If you want to receive the call reports on a phone number, then make sure it is not a foreign number, meaning it shouldn’t be an international number. You are advised to use an Indian-based number which is added to the MyOperator panel.

  1. Is the number a user of the MyOperator panel? : Usually mistakes happen. Therefore, make sure the number you have mentioned for receiving reports are added as users to the MyOperator panel otherwise you cannot receive reports on non-user numbers.

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