To create a multi-level IVR, you first need to create a new IVR and then design your own IVR flow.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a new IVR:

1. Login to your MyOperator panel.


2. Click on “Manage” at the top.


3. Go to settings and click on “Design IVR flow”.


4. Click on “Add new IVR” at the top right.


5. Select your IVR type, add your IVR name, set the date and time and click on “Save”.


Once you complete these steps, your new IVR is created.

Now, to design your own IVR flow,  just follow these steps:

1. Add an audio to your ‘Welcome’ message.

  • Click on “Settings”  under action.


  • Click on “Select file from your computer”.


  • Select the sound file you want to upload.


2. Click on “Message node”, which is to the extreme right of your welcome message.


3. Click on “Menu”.


Once you do that, 2 samples will be created.

4. Click on ‘’Convert’’ on the right of sample 1 and select “Department Node”.


5. Go to actions which is on the right end of department 1 and click on “Settings”.


6. Add your department name and select the users who will attend the calls of that particular department. Also,

select the way in which the call will get routed (serial wise to selected user, one by one in a circular way to selected user or parallel to all selected users) and click on “Save”.


To add more departments, repeat the above mentioned steps.


7. You can also add a “Voicemail Node” after each department. Doing this enables the caller to record his/her message in the voicemail whenever, any user in your organization is busy. To add a voicemail node, click on "Department Node" and select  "Voicemail Node".