ans: The following are the nodes which you can add to an IVR:

  1. Message Node: This node is added to convey a message to the callers. For example, a “Welcome Message” is played when a caller calls.

  2. Department Node : This node helps you to add a new department to your IVR and route your callers call to a particular department, after he has entered an input.

  3. Voicemail Node: This added so that a caller can record a message for the user, in case he’s busy attending other calls.

  4. Extension Node: This node is added to add the extension number of the user.

  5. Language Node: This Node is used to add a new language to the IVR. A particular IVR can be played in multiple languages.

  6. Sub-menu Node: When you want to add different menus to a particular department, you use the Sub-menu Node.