ans: There are 3 roles that MyOperator offers to its users following a professional hierarchy.

Listed below are the roles along with the permissions :

  1. Basic: This kind of user is only restricted to manage his own MyOperator account. He doesn’t have an authority to get an overview of the other “User” panels. S/He only has the permission to “Change Password

  1. Moderator: This kind of user can be referred as the “Head of a particular department”. He has accessibility to his own as well as the accounts of the people working in his department. His/her role allows to “Change Password”, “View Users” and “Edit User

  1. Administrator: This kind of user has full authority to manage the accounts of both Moderator and Basic. Infact, the MyOperator Panel indicates it as the “Super Admin”, delegating work via his own panel. His work includes “Changing Password”, “View Users”, “Add new User”, “Edit User”, “Export User List”, “Remove User” and “Enable/ Disable User"

P.S. A new user is always added as a “Basic User” to the MyOperator Panel by default. Though this can be changed later.

To change the role of the user, click here